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Titanium Dioxide


Specialist pigment for high quality white inks

TR52 Titanium dioxide pigment is a rutile pigment specifically designed for the printing ink industry.An optimized crystal size combined with carefully selected mineral and organic surface treatments. Make it the ideal choice for the pigmentation of white inks.

-Solvent & water based

-Surface & reverse printing

Suitable for a range of packaging application

TR 52 pigment has the lowest weight loss(ie it is the least abrasive) When compared with range of competitive products.

Exceptional performance across a range of properties

Superb Gloss

Delivering high gloss in link formulations with no compromise in opacity, proving it, is possible to combine the highest gloss with opacity.

Excellent Opacity

Optimised to consistently deliver a high level of performance across arrange of ink formulations.

Outstanding Dispersion

Providing superior product quality as well as process efficiencies- enabling our customers to stand out in today’s competitive market and also realize cost saving.

Low Abrasivity

Providing low abrasivity enabling process efficiency due to less wear on equipment.