ABC Exports Pvt Ltd Packaging has commenced its operation with the vision of providing all kinds of flexible packaging raw materials under one roof to the converting printing and packaging industries and would like to operate as a “SINGLE WINDOW” source for all raw materials for packaging converters.

ABC EXPORTS PVT LTD – PACKAGING DIVISION works on a business to business level, connecting a international supply base to the vibrant and evolving market of the GCC, Middle East and African countries.

Adipic Acid PU base adhesive , Elastomers
Benzoic Acid Alkyd Resin
Castor Oil Alkyd Resin , Adhesives
Coconut Fatty acid Coconut base short oil alkyd resin
Dimer Acid Polyamide Resin
Fumaric Acid Polyester Resin , Modified Phenolic and Maleic resin
Glycerine USP Alkyd Resin
Gum Rosin Modified Phenolic and Maleic Resin
Melamine Melamine Formaldehyde resin
Maleic Anhydride Maleic Resin and Modified Phenolic resin
Phthalic Anhydride Polyester Resin , Alkyd Resin and Phthalocyanine Pigements
Pentaerythritol-95% Alkyd Resin
Pentaerythritol-98% Alkyd Resin
Para Tert Butyl Phenol ( PTBP ) Pure and Modified Phenolic Resin
Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid ( PTSA ) Catalyst in Melamine / Urea Formaldehyde Resin
Soya Fatty Acid Soya base Alkyd resin
Neo Pentyl Glycol Polyester Resin
Mono Propylene Glycol Polyester Resin

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