Mr. Hiroo Thadani
Founder & Managing Director
ABC Chemical Pvt. Ltd. & ABC Chemical Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Hiroo graduated with a bachelors degree in Science and Law. He is also armed with a Masters Degree in Marketing Management from the reputed Bajaj Institute of management. He commenced his career as a sales representative with Shell international in 1965, gained invaluable experience in the Distribution and Operations sector of Indian Oil Corporation of India for over 10 years from 1968 - 1979. That was followed up with the post of Sales manager at the Chemical Division, Western Division at Indian Petrochemical Division from 1979 - 1982.

He was General Sales Manager, Pigment Division, at Sudarshan Chemical Industries from 1981-84. With 21 years of experience in the chemical industry, he launched his own business in 1984. Besides the companies he runs, Hiroo's interests vary between vocals, music, lyric writing, swimming and yoga.

Mr. Vinay Thadani
Marketing Director,
ABC Chemical Pvt. Ltd. & ABC Chemical Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Vinay heads the global marketing division for the ABC group of companies. He has acquired his Chemical Engineering degree from the renowned TSEC after which he completed his masters in Entrepreneurship Development. He joined the ABC group in 1992 as a sales manager in Mumbai, working closely with the management and making his way up from the grass root levels.

Vinay has been part of ABC's growth right from the first order to the current status of a recognised multi national trading house. As the marketing director he explores new markets, customers and industries preparing ABC for its next global leap. A globe-trotter, Vinay loves his music and leads an extremely disciplined and healthy life.


Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi
Managing Director,
Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co Ltd
Bangkok, Thailand

Takashi San is an astute, soft spoken person heading Thai Tokai Carbon, a Japanese company producing Carbon Black. Various grades of Carbon Black are used in the rubber, plastic and ink industries the world over. The group is the largest producer of Carbon Black in Asia.

Mr. Ian Whyley
General Manager - Industrial Chemicals,
BIP [Oldbury] Limited
Oldbury, United Kingdom

Ian is responsible for the Business Unit manufacturing liquid chemicals and polymers at BIP's Industrial Chemicals Divsion. This principally involves internally developed polyurethane and amino chemistry, although BIP also undertakes contract manufacture. Ian also has overall site responsibility for Quality Systems and I.P.

Mr. Junichi TSuji
Advisor for New Business Development
Nissin Trading Co. Ltd
Toyko, Japan

As an advisor for new business, Tsuji San's main business is in export/import of raw materials for printing inks and printing materials.

Mr. Prakash Ramchandani
Managing Director,
Gapuma Nigeria Limited
Lagos, Nigeria

Prakash is adept at New Business Development in the specialty chemicals market. He travels extensively and has held positions in large-scale multinational trading companies. Now he heads a large Nigerian group, a major trading house with headquarters in the UK.

Mr. Umphan Viprakshit
Chairman & Managing Director,
Nitro Chemical Industry Ltd
Bangkok, Thailand

Umphan is the founder of Nitro Chemcial Industy Ltd and the chairman of Nobel NC. He is the final authority on industrial nitro cellulose. Globally, both his companies are leading manufacturers of industrial nitro cellulose.


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